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Team Mind BMX at the Worlds


We’re really pleased to be the kit supplier to Team Mind BMX, a BMX team from the South Coast established to raise awareness of and all important funds for mental health charity Mind.
So we’re doubly excited to hear that three of the Team Mind riders have qualified for the BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, USA later this month.  It’s a massive deal to qualify for such a huge event, which promises to be an incredible experience for them.
The riders are two young guns, Samantha and Nuke (aka Luke), and senior rider, Pat:

Samantha, Nuke and Team Mind Coach John


These three riders are a real inspiration for the others on the team and in their clubs, and it’s great to get the mental health message out there at all levels – club, regional, national and now international.   Team Mind BMX is really proud of their achievement.
They will be wearing their Team GB shirts with pride and pulling on their Grn-produced Team Mind jerseys between racing.
The Rock Hill event takes place from 25-29 July 2017. Good luck Sam, Nuke and Pat!

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