About Us

The Grn team is sports obsessed - collectively we have cycled, swum and run thousands upon thousands of miles. And we care about our environment - on a local and global level, and believe as individuals we can have a positive impact which makes a difference. We believe that business is best when it’s sustainable and ethical to the core.

We make Ethically-made leisurewear sustainably printed in Britain with designs inspired by our sporting backgrounds.

We cycle. And we make the cycle jerseys we wanted to buy, but couldn't find - stylish, high quality, yet ethically sourced and sustainable. Our GRN jerseys are made in Europe from recycled plastic bottles without a single compromise on performance - the fabrics are breathable, soft, light and fast drying.

We are constantly improving our supply chain to keep it as friendly to the planet and kind to people as possible.

In 2018 Grn took the decision to split our custom teamwear kit offering into its own brand, taking on board everything we learnt about building a sustainable and ethical brand combining that with high-performance fabrics and sportswear patterns, we launched a truly disruptive performance Teamwear brand – Presca Teamwear.